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This is not medical advice

This is just my personal do.

Dr. Cywes analogy starts around 8:20 to explain his reasoning on supplements. Others have suggested more.  I'm just going to say what I do here sometimes, based on living in a northern latitude. 

Daily when I remember:

Vitamin D3 - During Flu Season 10K IU, Otherwise 5K IU

Vitamin K2 - (MK-7) - 100 mcg 

Potassium - 3 to 5 Grams

Magnesium - 1/8 Tsp Magnesium Citrate 

Calcium - 1 Gram of Calcium Lactate


Zinc10 to 12mg Iodine Paired with Selenium     

Commercial Multi-Vitamin 

Glycine 5g - 10g  (Makes a good cold sweetener.)

A Grapefruit   

​Extra Electrolytes When Needed For Cramps: CalciumPotassium, Sea Salt and Magnesium 

 What are electrolytes


Below is my personal electrolyte balance method. This is not medical advice. This is just what I take to avoid cramps. When working out hard, I have to swill this awful crap daily. If I cramp during my workout then I need to increase potassium and if I cramp after my workout then I need to increase my magnesium in careful balance with calcium. This is what I do. This is not medical advice. Blah, blah, blah please God, kill all the lawyers.

When working out, I'll combine these dry ingredients into a small drinking glass. Using the back of a spoon then grind in paprika, cinnamon and turmeric. Add 6 ounces of water and halfway thru my protein shake I'll stir this up, choke it down and pound some water and the rest of my shake. Gross? Yup! But no more cramps and I can completely regulate myself

Suggested Potassium Daily Intake 

Age         Male          Female        

1–3       2,000 mg    2,000 mg 

4–8       2,300 mg    2,300 mg 

9–13     2,500 mg    2,300 mg 

14–18   3,000 mg    2,300 mg 

19–50   3,400 mg    2,600 mg  

51+ Yr.   3,400 mg    2,600 mg 

Suggested Magnesium Daily Intake 

Age          Male         Female

1–3          80 mg        80 mg 

4–8        130 mg      130 mg 

9–13      240 mg      240 mg 

14–18    410 mg      360 mg 

19–30    400 mg      310 mg 

31–50    420 mg      320 mg 

51+        420 mg      320 mg

Easy Liver Cleanse from Dr. Schmidt

Salt substitutes: Some people, such as those with kidney disease or who are taking certain medications, should consult their healthcare provider before taking salt substitutes because of the risk of hyperkalemia posed by the high levels of potassium in these products. Again, check with your doctor. Blah, blah, blah this is not medical advice, fucking lawyers are ruining our world. Better yet: if you're a lawyer, then don't do any of this, just drop dead. 

In addition to KCl there's Potassium Citrate. K₃C₆H₅O₇  Approx. 1.4g yields 448 mg of K. Finally Potassium Gluconate C6H11KO7 hardly yields enough potassium to be worthwhile. 5.99 g of potassium gluconate contains only 1g of potassium. It has a density of 1.73g/cm³.

Mentor Use Only - This Is Not Medical Advice

(c) 2021 Fat Lives Matter

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