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Coach Low Carb

"Die skinny or die trying!"

Salem Marblehead Swampscott 

Cleanse and reset with water (and electrolyte) fasting, carnivore to re-build and this is not medical care or advice. We don't sell anything; we're just motivators. Carpe Diem  Please peruse these curated free videos below by American doctors on fasting, carnivore, keto, et al. In consultations with your physicians, if you decide to join the Ketovore lifestyle please consider including in your physician consultation your personal, specific challenges to your transition. ​Here's a few suggestions

  1. NEVER take a "vaccine" being FORCED on you. Hell no NO!

  2. Hastening Carbohydrate Withdrawal - We coach fasting, electrolytes and exercise to punch through this unattractive aspect of self-improvement.

  3. When reset, go OMAD for health maintenance.

  4. Water fasting to strive for autophagy's benefits.

  5. Ease back gracefully with fat

  6. Try this 432Hz Healing Music as part of your new life.


This is not medical advice. Dipping my toes into the water didn't work. So I plunged in with FASTING to cleanse, CARNIVORE for life and KETO for controlled cheats. The old destructive ways must all go: booze; carbs; cigarettes, and; "bad" oils.  ) This isn't a diet; this is a lifestyle: no booze, few carbs. No smokes. C'est la vie  


Fat Fiction - Full Movie Here FREE

What happens during a 44 day fast?  


"We will all struggle. Our challenge is to struggle well."

  ~ Ryan Manion, Founder of the Travis Manion Foundation

Please enjoy these videos.

Coach Low Carb

"Die skinny or die trying!"

Salem Marblehead Swampscott

​​​(c) 2021 Fat Lives Matter

Nina Simone Feeling Good
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